Partner Driving
                -Safty is our #1 goal-

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We are licensed driving instructors. Our driver training vehicles are dual control with periodically safety inspections. Our vehicles are also 100% student drivers insured.

  • 6 hours certificate for teens 
  • Preparation for regular and special drive test
  • Adults with none or some driving experience
  • Adults and seniors retest
  • Special need (vision problem and disability)
  • Online Drivers Ed (for teen) -

Classes and Rate: All Classes include free pick ups and drop offs.  Rates are different from area to area for both adults and teens.

Cancellation fee of $35.00 apply to all cancellations less than 24 hours.
Cancellation without notice, and instructor show up at the door will be charge full class price ($80.00 and up) 


  • $240.00 and up for three class (2 hours per class, entire amount should be pay on the first day of class)
  • $390.00 and up for five classes (2 hours per class, entire amount should be pay on the first day of class)
  • $85.00 and up for any individual classes (2 hours class)
  • $48.00 and up for any individual one hour class


  • $240.00 for three classes, the completion of the certificate will be sign at the end of the 6 hours behind the wheel driver's training (all classes are 2 hours), Payment can be make into three installment on the same day the student take the class.

Drive Test: student drivers can also use our cars for driving test for $95.00 - $120.00(depends on locations of DMV). It includes:

  • Appointment for road test
  • Pick up one hour before to the drive test appointment
  • Warm up, review, and prepare for drive test
  • Vehicle for the test
  • Insurance for the drive test
  • Drop off back to work or home

The entire driving test could take up to four hours, be prepare to bring bottle of water and snack.




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